Sword of Thandium

Sword of ThandiumI created this photomanipulation as the cover for one of my books: Sword of Thandium (read more about the book here). The story is definitely Fantasy, inspired by High Fantasy works like The Lord of the Rings, as well as by the game League of Legends. In the book, the main character journeys to the Forest of Thandium, an ancient and mythical forest in her home country of Altium. It is one of the last places that magic still survives in the country. Her task is to find the mythical sword hidden in the heart of the forest. This image was inspired by the main character, Pax, and her journey in this book.
Image is Copyright V.A. Manning (originally posted on gypsycoyote.deviantart.com) through MyFreeCopyright.Com, MCN C5U93-VJ0AL-653FM


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