Tiny Cage for a Golden Bird

Tiny Cage for a Golden Bird

There was a 100 Theme Challenge going around years ago that had some of the most amazing themes in it. This was the first theme in that challenge – Tiny Cage for a Golden Bird. I wrote a poem inspired by this theme, and this image is pretty much the love-child between my visual and poetic sides. I have also loaded the poem below, so you can sort of see where the inspiration for the image comes from.

my little golden bird…
please grace me with your soft melodies.
i cannot let you fly free,
i cannot let the world be your home –
i fear for your safety,
my little golden bird.

i took you away from your world,
snatched you from the sky that was once filled with your song.
i no longer let the world
gaze upon your golden wings –
jealousy rages through my veins,
i cannot let you sing for anyone else.

my little golden bird…
is it true,
that this cage is to small for you?
have i smothered you
with love and attention –
when all you wanted was to be free?

i took you from familiarity,
dropped you into a cage made of the finest silver…
and yet you stare at me,
disdain in your eyes…
what have I done, my little golden bird?
how have i angered you so?
why will you not sing for me,
my most treasured possession?


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