The Elements

Over on Traveling Along the Witches Path I wrote an article about the Elements – not dealing with any of the correspondences, but more with the idea of “finding your element”, which is not the smartest concept ever created. We need to have all of the elements in balance; if we feel more connected to a certain element, like I am to Water, then we need to make sure that we do not over indulge that connection and feed the other elements to bring them up to full. We should all strive for balance in our lives, and this is just one area we can do it.

Art is something that can be done to bring balance to all elements in your life. It is emotional, like Water; it is passionate, like Fire; it is a form of communication, like Air; and it is often a way for people to ground themselves, like Earth.

Element - Water  Water, the element of emotions. I wanted to portray the nostalgia, the longing, the very essence of what our emotions are. Nothing brings the sadness, the depth, of the element of Water like an ocean scene. She is watching the waves crashing in the distance, waiting for something, or someone, that may never come. I spent a lot of my childhood sitting on the Del Monte Beach in Monterey, CA – I stared out at the ocean for hours, just thinking. Our emotions flow like the tides of the ocean, and sometimes they flow with such intensity that a storm picks up.

This image was inspired by the very core of Water, not just as a physical element, but as the Spiritual Element as well. When it comes to art, Water is the Emotion that we put into each piece we create.

Fire is the element of Passion – it is lust, love, courage, and it is also anger and hatred. It is the Element of Destruction, but there is also Life there as well – without Destruction, there can be no room for new growth in the natural world. I have always been terrified of Fire, even though it is my Astrological Element (therefore the Element that I have in the highest abundance in my Natal Chart). When we lost our home and we had to live in a tent for about two years, we had a fire in our pit every night. My mother would have me gather kindling, and then she would say a small prayer over the pit before lighting it. I learned a lot about Magic, Witchcraft, and the Goddess around those nightly fires. That is not to say that I am okay with Fire now, as a physical element – I am working through my fear of being burned slowly. I can even light matches now without screaming.

Fire represents the Passion we put into our pieces of art – it represents the Destruction of a blank canvas, and the Creation of something amazing. It is the courage to put our work out there for other people to view, and it is the Passion that consumes us for hours when we lose ourselves in our creative processes.

Air is the element of Communication – it represents Intelligence, the Art of Communication, and Wisdom. I have always loved reading, and learning is something I strive to do every day. I loved school, it was not only an escape but a wondrous world of learning. I rarely called out from school, and even went when I should have been in bed sick. Air is the Element of Messages.

Art is a way of communicating with those around us when we cannot come up with the words. It is a visual form of communication that transcends the language barrier to bring different cultures together. It is a way for us to show people how we are dealing with our own lives, the circumstances that we are presented with.


Finally, there is Earth. A lot of people view Art as a way to escape reality – it is something that takes you away from the grounded element of Element - EarthEarth, and into the Ether of imagination. However, for some of us, Art is the very thing that roots our minds in reality. It keeps us in check, and in letting us express our emotions and communicate our passions through this medium, we are able to stay grounded to the element of Earth more easily.

I have always had a connection with forests and open meadows. I need something that will keep me rooted in reality, or else I might get carried away with my imagination and I may never come back! I am able to take a step back when I do my art – I am able to look at the whole picture, the tiny parts of it that go together to make the final piece, and I am able to take a deep breath and remember that reality exists and I have things I need to do here and now.




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