Stormy Road


Stormy Road

One of my favorite photographers and digital artists created a tutorial [+here] and provided some stock images [+here]. I was not overly impressed with the sky image she provided – mostly because I prefer super dramatic skies when the landscape is simple – I searched deviantart and found an image I was more attracted to [+here]. I did most of the work – blending the sky and the landscape together – in PS. The final touches were done in LR, which I just got on my computer today *squee*.

I guess I am moving away from doing digital art with people in it again – this isn’t uncommon, a lot of the time I prefer to work without models in my pictures, mostly because of the simplicity of the process. That is why, on my portfolio page, there is a Digital Art 01/2014 through 08/2014 project, and a Digital Art 09/2014 project – I have split them up to show my older work and my newer work.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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