So, I was going to wait until tomorrow to start the 10 Day Photography Challenge, but here I am, starting today! This was taken this afternoon while we were out waiting for my sons prescription to be filled. It is an Instagram photo, but I don’t care. I didn’t want to pull my bulky DSLR out of the car to snap this simple picture of the sky. I love the simplicity of smartphone photography, but not all shots can be had with a smartphone.

Why did I choose this image to be the start to this challenge? Because ‘the sky’s the limit’, as they say. Nothing is beyond our grasp unless we tell ourselves it is. We are capable of so much, as individuals and as a community. We all live under the same sky, even if we may see different clouds and different constellations. We are seeing the same universe. I chose this as my beginning photo because I want to bring that point of view, that positive thought, into my life every day. Whenever this photo, and this project in general, is viewed, I want to remind people that so much is within our grasps, all we have to do is be positive.


One thought on “Beginning

  1. This is beautiful! Taking a photo of the sky was such a good idea; I would never have thought of interpreting the word ‘beginning” like this. Again, thank you so much for doing my challenge! 😉


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