10 Day Photo Challenge

Yeah, not going to happen… So, instead of doing 10 days, I am committing to 10 WEEKS. Yup. That seems like it would be better for me. I don’t really do too good on strict, short deadlines with my photography, mostly because I don’t get inspired every day… It takes something different to inspire me. I work better long term, and weekly photos is better for me. I wanna try 10 weeks before I commit to a full 52 week challenge. So, my first picture still stands as the beginning to this project, and I think Fridays will be my Challenge day. I just wanted to tell ya’ll that I didn’t slack, just re-evalutated everything and chose a different route.

This weeks prompt is ABANDONED, so I get to keep my eyes open for something abandoned. This could prove to be interesting. There aren’t really that many abandoned things here in town – this prompt would have worked wonders if I were still in my home town, where there is a mostly abandoned military base that used to be my play ground.

Let’s see what I can come up with!


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