Loki and The Dragon

I won’t lie – I am a cat lady. I love cats. They are wonderful, mysterious, graceful creatures. We have two black cats – Toothless, who is between 3 and 5 years old and has a bob-tail, and Loki, a 3 month old kitten. Toothless has generally been an indoor/outdoor cat, but when I brought Loki home, it was immediate curiosity and he stopped wanting to go outside so much. Now, they cuddle and Toothless bathes Loki, and the presence of the young kitten has livened Toothless’ old bones so he is playing again.

This morning, my boyfriend came back and told me to grab my camera for some pictures because both kitties were laying on D’s bed. So, I snuck out there and sat on my knees, resting on the bed. Toothless has always been an attention hog, and very curious about cameras. He loves posing! Loki, however, has shown a definite aversion to my camera in the past, but today he was surprisingly calm and let me get pretty close to his face with my camera for some neat macro shots.


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